2004-01-05 22:18:43 (UTC)

Took the test...

This is the first time I've taken a test in eons. The
Wright placement test that is. Went this morning. I was
particularly proud of my essay. I compared television to
the antichrist. Some phrases I used to describe it were:
glaring in the abyss of the screen
television is the antichrist
and something about it being the satan inside every house.

Kept me smiling throughout the whole thing. I couldn't get
me eyes to move as fast as they usually do though, so the
reading part was only okay, and I was rushing a little. But
the math was pretty bad. It was mainly fractions,
percentages and algebra. The algebra part I could do, but
the rest was picked by random. I don't know when I'm gonna
get my results, but I really hope freaking soon. I need
that class. I need something to do, a way to meet people.

My birthday is coming up in exactly 2 weeks from now. The
idea of renting a hall was announced to me, and my bro's or
parents would pay. At first I thought that that would be
what I wanted, but it isn't. None of my friends would work
out at a party like that. First off hardly anyone would
dress up. Which is what they should anyway. No one would
dance. Besides, what kind of music would there be? And I
would mix my groups so it would be really rather akward, I
know Karoline would feel like the oldest person there.
Adrianna is older, but she is still a kid in heart.

Anyway though, you see my point. Besides some people don't
get along, others don't know what to do if they are not
playing video games. This left me with the original idea
that Danish proposed. The mission is reopening to 17 and up
on the 17th. He ofered to drive me and my friends. Though I
don't have very many clubhead friends, I could snatch a few
close friends and drive myself. Something I really preffer
even though I'm not the best driver. Karoline will be
there. I want to be amongst my own people though.

The thing I wanted to do always though, is celebrate my
birthday on my actual birthday. I think school is out on
the 19th. I think MLK is that day so it would be nice to do
something with friends either the night before going on to
the 19th, or just do something in the morning. Something
simple like going ice skating. Hey maybe I should do that.

Or I could just pull a whole 180 degree turn and spend the
whole day isolated from everyone. If anyone out there has
any ideas let me know.

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