taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-01-05 16:51:55 (UTC)

The vanishing first day of semester two

Where did it go?

So I drag my ass outta bed at the appropriate AM time,
shake off the sleep, get all nice and groomed, grab the
fresh lined paper, get a pen, out the door, in the school,
to the class, in the chair, all psyched and ready to
learn. And its gone.

The day has disappeared. As beside the door a little note
resides that a fellow compadre (from Cornwall) regretably
points out to the poor saps, me included. It reads:

"The Mass Communication Class 3402 will not begin today on
Monday, January 5th 2004. It will begin next week on
Monday, January 12th 2004."

Closer examination revealed this was no joke, much to my
sarcastified amusment.

So now I'm stranded for 3 hours (while the Canada v USA
gold medal world junior game cruely proceeds) in a lower
level computer lab.

Already this day is saturated with bad omens that, if I
believed in, would surely spell disaster! Fortunately I
don't, mostly.

If anyone wants to give me a ride home before 2:30, let me
know before 2:30. The sexual rewards will be more than
worth it, I garuntee.

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