Darc Tangent

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2004-01-05 13:41:33 (UTC)

The Trip (1,175 wds.)

A smile played across Alex's face as she made her way to
Toronto. The reason she gave was legit, but like she would
be doing that. No, this was a rare opportune for her. HE
was going to be there, waiting; wanting, and she wanted it
as much as he did.

The door to her room swung open and the smell of roses
filled her. She dropped her bags as the door slowly closed
behind her, and Alex ran into his arms as he began to stand
upon her entrance. The power in those arms crushed the air
out of her, made her feel light, without any control. Alex
pulled back slowly from the embrace, but her hands never
let go of his and she spun for him so he could take in all
of her.

Alex kicked off her shoes, and moved in closer to her
lover, undoing the buttons on his shirt as she kissed his
mouth hard. She could feel his fingers pulling her shirt
out from her slacks, felt the nimbleness of his fingers as
each one of her buttons gave in to his touch, and almost in
unison, their shirts landed on the floor behind themselves.

Alex worked the buckle of his belt as his fingers ran up
the curve of her spine, tracing a ling from her waist to
her bra before he undid the hooks at the back and released
her breasts to the wilds of his passions. As he pulled the
bra away, letting it fall between them, his hands caressed
her bosoms, each palm massaging one beautiful breasts, each
thumb rubbing one erect nipple, each set of fingers softly
squeezing the nipples, each hand caressing every possible
inch of her exquisite bosoms before the slowly moved down
her belly, caressing her skin, moving from front to side to
back and side and front, exploring every inch in a tactile
search for her pleasure spots. As his hands came to the
back button of her slacks, he could feel the coarse fabric
of his own trousers sliding down his legs, and as they
reached his ankles, the back button of her slacks gave
under his careful touch, and the zipper made its was down
along the crack of her ass. She could feel his strong grip
on her buttocks, massaging her ass under her panties as her
slacks joined his on the floor.

Slowly he moved down, his lips kissing her flesh, her neck,
her breasts, her belly, as he slid down to his knees,
pulling the soft fabric of her panties with him until he
was face to face with the triangle of her beautiful downy
bush. His mouth slaked for the juices between her legs,
and he covered her with it, his tongue searching the dark
places between her legs, and only his firm grip on her ass
saved her as she could feel her knees weakening. She held
his head in her hands, steadied herself, feeling all the
strength in her legs dissolving, but before she could
completely give in to the draining, he stopped, and slowly
rose to his feet, kissing every inch of the front of her
body as he returned to her mouth, covering it with his,
exploring her, his hands covering every possible inch of
her body as his tongue played in her mouth.

Alex pulled back slightly from the kiss, freeing her mouth
from his ravages, then she too began to kiss his chest, his
belly, as she lowered herself before him, kneeling before
his ever expanding manliness, and without fear she freed
that manhood, pulling his brief's to the floor, and taking
whole the full hardness of his cock in her mouth. Her
hands grasped his ass, held him tight to her as she sucked
at him, her tongue cutting across the tip of his penis,
wrapping itself around his head, her teeth, occasionally
raking the flesh slightly as she continued to suck him.

Alex could feel the tension in his body as he tried to
control what was happening, trying not to cum, not to end
this so soon, and she stopped, standing she could feel his
breathing slowing as she kissed him, his body quivered only
slightly under her touch, and she kept away from his penis
to let the arousal die for a moment, but guided his hand
between her legs, allowed him to play her like a fiddle,
each finger strumming a note on her clit, rubbing his long
thin bows across her tingling strings until she sang the
sweet music of ecstasy. As his heart slowed, hers
quickened, as his breathing returned, her became short, and
as her mind raced at the feelings that poured through her,
she felt him lift her from the soft carpet and slowly laid
her on the bed before straddling her body. Two missive
legs kneeled on either side of her hips, two strong arms
ended their reach on her bosoms, as his hands gripped the
wanting flesh of her breasts, caressing them, kneading
them, as she needed him, then she could feel it. The hard,
erect cock sliding into the wetness between her legs. It
felt so much bigger inside her, felt like it was going
right up inside her to places she had never known existed.
She felt the raw power plunging into her as his mouth came
down on hers.

Slowly, she felt him withdraw. It felt like forever before
he stopped, just mere inches from being totally out of her,
just enough to touch the sweet nerves of his clit before he
slowly slid back into her, and as he did, she gasped at the
feeling, her mouth feeling dry, his heart pounding in her
head and she dug her nails into his back, raking her claws
across his flesh as he plunged deeper into her, his mouth
kissing hers, his hands caressing her sides, and as he
pulled back again, stopping at the very edge of her, her
arms relaxed, slid down his back, grasped his ass and again
her fingers dug into his flesh as he plunged himself again
deep inside her.

Alex held his body close to hers as he plunged himself deep
into her, but he still had more than enough play to slowly
pull back, then plunge again, out, in, seeming to go deeper
and deeper each time, or was that just a figment of her
erotic filled mind as she lost herself in the passion? She
tried to hold him down, to let him stay there, inside her,
forever. Her legs wrapped themselves around his; her hands
dug into his ass like tongs, and her mouth seeked his in a
battle royale of passion. Alex held him there, motionless,
for an eternity, just feeling him inside her, feeling all
the power of his cock as it fully entered her, feeling it
touching her in places dark and sweet before her gripped
relaxed and she allowed him to move again, wanted him to
move, again and again, each thrust more powerful, each draw
sweet, as his body pounded hers again and again in an
exquisitely slow and painfully enticing manner. She could
feel his restraint, knew he was keeping this going as long
as he could, for her, for them, until finally the two of
them exploded in a rush of pleasure that completely drained
them. Their sweat soaked bodies collapsed on the bed, and
he did not even have the energy to pull himself out of her,
just laying there, spent, listening to her heartbeat as
they drifted to sleep.


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