The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-05 08:41:07 (UTC)

"High - Volume 3" lol

Told ya volume 3 would come again mae it's, this one might be a little fucked up,
but hopefully you'll see what i mean lol.

My Theroy for tonight: Cell-phone companies are out to get
us, and to make money off us...MORE than we've given
before. Here's my point

Cell phones are getting smaller and smaller as the years
pass by....they've even got cell phones for you neck now!
So, point number one: They make them that small so we can
lose them, or misplace them and never find them, and then
we cough up more money to replace the phone!

Second Everything wireless (Internet etc) on the phone is
charged as EXTRA....and you're even charged when you
download ringtones and images! Hell, you're even billed
when you send SMS (Or text), you're bills
are gonna be SKYHIGH (Like me now lol)

third and final point, and this has been proven: Cell
phones cause brain damage in some people, and can produce
radiation. Are they waiting for us to die? Yes...but not
before they can shove us with more bills.

Not only all of that, but new phones don't come with
accesories anymore - Now you gotta buy each seprately and
can range from $20 - $40...BULLSHIT!

So, my opinion for tonight is that Phone companies are big
corporations who make money of our losses, and only care
about one thing....MONEY

PeAcE oUt PeOpLe!!!

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