The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-05 07:43:55 (UTC)

"High - Volume 2"

Well, fucked up, or STONED outta my fuckin tree again
tonight, and it's time for my THOUGHTS for right
now...wouldn't be complete if i didn't lol.

So, i've been in YAWHORE all day today (Yahoo)...and i was
thinkin something from all i saw, and all i did, and i
also started thinkin about this after someone said it in a
pool room, this is what he said "I think yahoo targets
Lower ratings as compared to high, cause i've been winning
all night" So, i started thinkin about this and was all
like "Yea, that's true, cause whenever i have a lower
rating, i win...but if i have a high one, i always lose"

Also, it came to my attention that in pool, balls would
stay stuck in their pocket on their way in, "morph balls"
meaning that when you shot at a ball, the cue ball would
go under it. As well, as yahoo shutting down, not giving
ratings, NOTHING!!!!

So, i started thinking to myself "Maybe this is
true"...cause it was happening to my friend and i all the
time. So, is yahoo against us? Probably...they say all the
time "it's maintennce"...i say FUCK THAT..maintennence, my

So, my opinion is that yahoo targets Higher players
ratings because it gives the lowest Rating players a
chance to think they're actually better than they are

High Times volume 3 will come out AGAIN tonight, cause i
got another conspiracy theory, but too long to explain here

pEaCe OuT pEoPlE!!!!

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