you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2004-01-05 06:49:57 (UTC)

1:38am - 1:49am

I CAN'T SLEEP. ugh, i went to bed earlier then this last
night. grr. why doesn't my mom sleep? it's so annoying. i
mean, i know i'm up, but she is up every night... i hear
her... now she's interrogating me 'who are you talking to
(no one), what are you doing (nothing)'. GO TO SLEEP,
BITCH. S-L-E-E-P. i get so bitchy when i'm frustrated,
plus i have a knot in my neck the size of texas. it hurts.
i'm gonna take an advil. ugh, that was gross... advil...
never again.

-2 minutes later-

i wish i was creative, like i was told to be.
i wish i was more pretty, like dita von teese.
i wish i was original, and came up with something new.
i wish i knew you loved me, 'cause i have eyes for you.