The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-01-05 05:09:24 (UTC)


Well, day 3...still sick, so i'm beginning to think that
it's more than just sinuses. I also learnt yesterday that
there's a big fancy doctory term for's
called "sinusitis" (Thanks to my stepmom kelly, cause she
worked in a hospital in Kansas, and knows ALL lol)

I FINALLY talked to my mom today...if i didn't write in
here about it, she spent 3 days with my word
from her to her "boyfriend" and she even broke her promise
to him to NOT contact curt....but, i can see why she did,
and i'm not blaming her for it. So, the best piece of
advice i gave them BOTH was to sit and talk things over
tonight...since they're both not drunk, they might be able
to work things out.

Hmmm....what else to write? Oh, yea, if you didn't already
notice...i started my "high" column lastnight....people
are finally laughing about it lol. If you didn't read it,
then you missed go read it NOW. I'm a big
conspiracy nut when i'm stoned, fucked up, high...w/e word
you wanna use. I'm like Hyde on that 70's show, thinkin
that everybody's tryin to control how we think. Volume 2
will most likely come tonight, and god only knows what
i'll talk, yea, if you're interested, check the
shit out lol.

Until later tonight most likely, PEACE

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