How would you ever guess.
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2004-01-05 04:33:25 (UTC)

The day

Whoever thought the day would come when you break up with
the one you love. Well today was that day for me. You see
Josh and I have been together for over a year and I was
madly in love with him. We did everything together. He
helped m so much with a lot of things that I would not have
been able to get through on my own. He got me back into
school and told me all the time how proud he was of me for
getting good grades. he always pushes me to do better and
try to better myself...
Untill today when I thought all was going well but I guess
I was wrong. He told me that he needed a little space and
wanted to take time off from us. This compleatly broke my
heart. He is my best friend and my lover, I dont know what
Im going to do with out him. I just hope that god is on my
side and we get back together.
I cant sleep I cant do anything but cry my eyes out. Yeah I
might sound crazy but no one knows what he meant to me. My
head is pounding and Im so confused, I dont know what to
I guess Ill just have to spend more time by myself and do a
lot more thinking. I just want us to be okay. I love him
and I want to be with him.I know Im repeating everything
but I dont know what else to say but that I love him and he
is my best friend. I honestly feel like I have known him
forever.The day we first talked I knew that he was the one
for me. WE have so much in common. From our family to what
we like and everything in between. I just dont know

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