2004-01-05 04:25:17 (UTC)

love wouldn't miss

i miss not knowing who you were but being attracted
i miss you talking to me the first time

i miss you asking me to wait for you
i miss you being upset when i had to go
i miss you looking at me
i miss you smiling at me
i miss talking to you
i miss you cleverly wrapping me around your finger
i miss you laughing at my jokes
i miss laughing at your jokes
i miss talking about music
i miss sharing music
i miss you being so very close to my body
i miss getting into trouble talking about stuff
i miss awkward pauses
i miss the content pauses
i miss you sliding over closer to me
i miss your presence taking up my car
i miss you telling me i need to stay
i miss you waiting for me even when i dont ask
i miss you knowing me without really knowing facts about me
i miss looking at you
i miss you smiling at me
i miss your clever comments that stick with me for months
i miss your insight that was unexpected
i love taking random chances
i love your smile
i love your eyes
i love your presence
i miss you

i dont like everything about you
i adore most things about you
i miss what's important
i miss you a lot

i am afraid for the future
i miss knowing where you are
i miss knowing we'll get to be around each other
i miss knowing i'll get to be around you
i miss you

i didn't plan on that
i wouldn't expect it
i know that doesnt change anything
i still miss you

i will miss you
until you come back

(2: "tom"i
wish i had
the better
version of it
instead of this..
overused the i ___.... )