Pinky's Life
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2004-01-05 04:07:03 (UTC)

Silly Stuff

Hey!! WOW... I have NO life if I have one of these.... Haha
oh well. Yeah... my break was pretty cool. I was grounded
the first week for stayin out late, but oh well. I had
plenty of fun the week after. I wish this break wasn't over
though... Anyways... my weekend was AWESOME! Haha Friday,
me, Katie, and Kiki went to the Lakeshore-Coloma b-ball
game where Zac came (It was great seeing him again!:-)
Then, we left early and went to Meijer and Dunkin Donuts
FUN TIMES!! Then... Katie, Kiki, and Elena stayed the night
at my house and we sat there and talked about some weird
ass shit til like, 3. Katie and Elena were tired so Kiki
and I let them sleep and we went upstairs and watched TV.
Last night, I just chilled with my brother and his friend,
Dan and watched parts of Old School and American Wedding.
Funny ass movie, I tell yah:-pToday.... I was really bummed
because I have to go to school tomorrow, but oh well. CJ
came over for a little while to chill and then I just kinda
chillaxed and talked to Erika on the phone. Marty from
Bing's called and told my mom I have to drive tomorrow with
him... in SNOW! I can barely fucking drive without snow!
Haha yeah... it's pretty embarrassing. I'm 16 already and
is just now starting Driver's ED. Oh well... whatever. I'm
bored right now... I'm just sitting here and talking to
Derek online. He's a cool kid!:-)Well.... I'm gonna go so
I'll write in this thing later.:-)

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