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2004-01-05 03:52:07 (UTC)

sadness :(

ok ok i know i haven't written in like a week, but its not
my fault, my parents deleted AIM and my link to here was in
my profile, so yea... well my dad deleted AIM bc he is
completly gay, bc one nite i was on the computer at like
130 doing a freaking job search and he assumed i was on AIM
so he deleted it, asshole... ya so after i realized the
next morning that it was gone, i stormed out of the house
saying "i fucking hate you" to my parents, bc i am sick of
them doing stuff that pisses me off. They never did any of
this to erin and its not fair, they like enjoy making my
life hell. so anyway, after work that nite, i came home
just a lil bit past my curfew (lol, right, try an hour) and
im in big trouble, but im used to it, so its all good. i
honestly dont think ive made curfew in the past month,
oops! lol i dont really care anymore, i turn 18 in like 8
months, and either im out of this shit hole or im going to
start paying for my car so ill never have a reason to be
OK, neways... new years, yea, a blast for kelly... me
being the dumbass that i am, i took a babysitting job
thinking that em would get a job w/ the haverkamps and we
were going to babysit together.. nope, didn't happen, so i
was screwed... def. sat there for like 8 hours and had
NOTHING to do.. so what did i do? yup, thats it, cried for
two and a half hours, why? riiight, like im going to tell
you, ill just give you the "prettier" version, and here it
goes... my life is hell, nothing goes right, well, except
one, wait, i take that back, two things, my best friend and
my boyfriend... speaking of kyle, the other nite i went
over to his house and we watched this football game... it
was cool, i fell asleep, lol, he made fun of me, but hey,
lol... haha.. i missed curfew that nite too, but i dont
care, i really really like spending time with him :)
The other nite, friday, im pretty sure.. anyway, i got
off work at 9 and em met me up at the mall and we drove out
to josh's house... josh, kyle, jake and carlos were there
and me and em just like crashed the party, lol, it wasn't
really a party, but its like 4 guys hanging out and then 2
girls show up and its funny, lol... well anyway, we went
outside and tossed a football, which actually was a lot of
fun, lol, i dont know, im a dork, and then josh was being
hilarious, as usual, and we all just sat around trying to
find something to do, which we never did, lol, but i still
had fun, dunno if the rest of the guys did, but oh well.
Josh cracked me up when kyle and i were throwing the
football and we'd hit something and he'd be like "ok break
the trailor" lol even thou he lives in a nice house (he
said this as he was sitting in his robe, outside, which
makes no sense to me, but its josh...) lol, i dont know, i
needed a good laugh... bc this whole break ive cried at
least once a day, and i dont think thats good, but oh
well... dont want to get into that subject
Tonite, i worked w/ em, 2 to close and she put her two
weeks in.. em im going to miss you, well, at least as long
as im there ;) and then after work i went out to dinner at
applebee's w/ emily and tim... we took tim out to dinner bc
the guys (tim and raf) used to pay for us all the time (way
back in the day, mind you) so we returned the favor to tim
since he still talks to the both of us (cough cough RAF!
lol) and OH yea, emily spent the nite last nite and we were
up to 4 talking! lol! good times!!
anywho... school starts back up tomorrow CRAAAAP i dont
wanna go... oh well, im gonna wear a trusty hoodie (prob my
new Xavier one --- crap i gotta remeber to write about
that next time... and some jeans and flip flops, lol, my
usual outfit... haha! but hey guys, no more sweatpants for
this chick, im off crutches!!! anyway, im prob going to go
to sleep soon, so ill check ya later!


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