Sarah's Shit
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2004-01-05 03:27:07 (UTC)


Hi people...I haven't done anything all day and it's
annoying. I can't stand being here all day. ::pauses to
think:: oh wait, I haven't been here all day, at 11 this
morning I went to church or whatever. In case nobody can
tell, I'm not exactly the church type...my mom makes me go,
I dont really know why. It's only an hour a week, and I
usually sleep through it anyways, so I thought what the
hell...oh hey guess what!!!!! I might be dying my hair
purple!!! yay! ::happiness:: I mean, like without getting
grounded for forever. Maggie was gonna do it for me at
Domenica's dad's house, but then I forgot the hair dye and
the bleach...which really sucked, cause I was gonna go
ahead and do it even though I would probably be grounded
until it came out and it takes monthes for it to fade. Bah.
But she might actually let me. yay again!!!

Michael Bonham asked me out, and it's a little creepy. He's
nice and cute and all, but he's in the sixth grade, and
anybody that young is pretty much out of the question for
me. He goes to my church, and we were sitting there playing
Hangman in the middle of the sermon. It was kinda funny...

Okay, if Brandon or Alex reads this, and chances are that
they will(if they don't, then.....fuck), here's the deal.
Yes, I still like Brandon. I have no idea why so don't
bother asking. Alex, apparently you already knew this and
neglected to tell me(THANKS!!), but oh well. So yeah, I
still like you, Brandon. I like you enoiugh to go out with
you, but I just want to see where this goes.

Alex- I hate it when you're right._

Glad I got that out of my system. I think Nick still likes
me, but oh well he can go fuck himself.

grrr....I wish Michael would IM me. I told him to get
online tonight, and he gave me his sn, and he hasn't been
on at all as far as I know(which, now that I think about
it, isn't very far). I'm tired of sitting here typing, so I
think I'll go...uh...die...or whatever...