My diary
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2004-01-05 03:07:20 (UTC)

caught in a critical turmoil

Today, the 6th January 2004 mum, bro and I left to the
airport with dad to drop him off. He's going back :(, i
dont understand why I should be so surprised cuz it was
quite obvious that he would be visiting us and going back
after a month or so. Guess I just miss him, dint think ill
miss him this much though. I know that he misses us a
whole lot more as we are three and he is just one. This
whole situation just bewilders me, im confused till the

I know that its not completely my fault but a part of it
is and i just wish i could repay that some how. The only
way my parents would acknowledge my confession is by me
studying and getting real good grades at school. However
its still not as easy as it sounds. I try but its the same
old story!!! I guess last year was the best year for my
acedemics but this year its been quite bad. Not the worse,
i mean ive had much worse results but its just not up to
the level, not even close to the level of the obliged
expectation. I know I need to study well and should give
it everything ive got but i try and theres some problem or
another for example: . Theres nothing I can do now though,
the exams i sat were concluded a month ago and all i know
is the results that are immenent in 20 days are not going
to be very pleasing and highly embarrasing most
importantly for me and then my "paragon", "highly
educated" family.

Yes the same cleche continues....

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