Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-05 02:59:32 (UTC)

Sick Of Everything

Well for the past couple of days all my little sister
says is " All you eat is junk food." And of course all I
say is no I don't. Then I looked today at what I ate and
now Im starting to think she is right.
Im sick, I think I have a head cold. I'm not sure yet
though. My nose hurts and I have a cough. Im really hot
then really cold.
My boyfriend just got in troble. His mom found out
that Kane and him went for a little ride at 5 in the
morning. Kane's mom and dad know also. They dont know
that they came and saw me. Kevin cant stay over night at
Kane's anymore or anyones for a whole year. I really feel
like its my fault.

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