2004-01-05 02:38:01 (UTC)

It's Baaack!

Cold weather, that is. It's been nice the last couple of
days but the temperature is really starting to drop which
may mean some bad driving tomorrow.

There was a lot of bad news reported at church this morning.
Rosalie has blood poisoning and is very ill. Juanita broke
her leg and is seeing an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.
Karen, one of our former neighbors, has a rare form of
cancer and begins chemotherapy next week. Peggy was
scheduled for heart surgery but it had to be postponed
because she has the flu.
On the good side, Briana turned nine yesterday and next week
is Benjamin's seventh birthday. The Christmas decorations
are still up but I asked Pastor Ruth if she would leave the
lighted gold star above the cross for a few more weeks and
she agreed. I find looking at the star very peaceful.

In the afternoon we brought Owen to his dorm but he'd
forgotten his computer monitor so John said he'd bring it to
him later in the afternoon. Then we saw Gavin briefly. I
did some grocery shopping while John went to the computer
store and, after helping load up the groceries, I opened the
car door to find a new digital camera on the car seat! My
Christmas gift! Now I'll be able to take and send
photographs of my quilts!

We drove to Albany and did our shopping at Costco and filled
the van with gas. Then it was home. John unloaded the van
and while I put away the groceries and started dinner he
headed back to Corvallis with Owen's monitor. Owen also
asked for his bedsheets which he'd forgotten and mentioned
he needed a power cord as well.

About an hour after he left, Owen called and said he
realized that he only had one power cord and needed two.
John was just coming in the door as he told me this. The
roads were getting slick he told me and he didn't want to
drive back to Corvallis tonight so he suggested that he call
Gavin (who doesn't live far) and ask him if he had one.
Owen did, Gavin did, and Owen, by now, should have his

It's been a looong day.