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2004-01-05 02:29:10 (UTC)

friggen tired and drained by all this crap!!!

Dear Diary....Well I guess I should give everyone the
backstory of my life...it's kinda complicated but it's
something that explains a lot that's going on now...well
I've been friends with Allison for about 8 years
now...yeah and I thought we were gonna be friends
FOREVER!....but I never anticipated the way that she would
change....about a year ago she started acting
different...she had been going to this new college and she
in a matter of months she dumped our best friend Jessica,
she was sooooo damn cruel to her...she was actually proud
of the fact that she made jess cry, she called me to gloat
about it..I mean what a friggen bitch!!! well so for the
last year alli's been trying to get Jess back as a friend,
and Jess wants nothing to do with her....but
anyways...about 2 weeks ago, I turned 21, and I was soooo
shocked that ALL of my friends came out with me, because
half of them cant stand each other...but when we went out
alli was incredibly rude to one of my friends and was a
complete bitch to me on my birthday...she didnt even get
me a card or wish me a happy birthday, she just complained
that she had no money after which she bought 7 beers..yeah
whatever....she even had the audacity to say she could
afford presents for her friends...but she goes out
drinking eveerrryyy weekend...she's such a hypocrit...but
after my birthday i'd had it with her...she couldnt even
be civil on my birthday..she had to fuckin ruin it once
again because she's selfish...I cant stand that in a
person...that lack of disregard for everyone but
themselves...she not the friend i used to have...she's the
slut, alcoholic, bitchy, rude, selfish,and generally
fucked up shell of what she used to be....so i told her i
didnt want to talk to her until she learned to care more
about others than herself....and she lashed out at me and
said the meanest things to me, you would have swore she
was my mortal enemy...but other than the whole allison
being a bitch ruining my life scenario, it's been going
pretty damn good. lol. yeah that's a fuckin switch right?
well I just got back from Massachusetts last night with my
mom, and I'm going to Germany in 2 weeks....so that's
gonna be awesome....i'll write more tomarrow, i gotta hit
the sack...luvs....Kanni

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