lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-04 23:58:04 (UTC)

long day!

well.. i went to bed last night around 4am. i talked to
melissa for a while and i told her i forgave her and stuff
but will never most likely forget what she did. she went on
about how much she loves Jimmy.. i wish she would just make
up her mind ya know? she also said she wants to hear from
aj that its over? i didnt get that i was like "uhh ur with
jimmy now why would u need to hear that from him?" and she
was like he played games ... what ever... they were never
really offically an relationship and she said that she said
its becuz he came to my house and he never called her
again.. what ever not my problem that was up to him...
ne ways i went to bed, and then at 8 this morning (yes only
4 hrs of sleep) aj calls me! i was so out of it.. i couldnt
hear or talk and i kept sayen "whos this!" and he was
like "MIKE!" and i was like "MIKE who?" and then he said
sumthin dumb "mike cunt!" and i was like "OMG!"..thats when
i knew it was AJ, and i was like "omg ur dumb shut up!" and
he was like "u sound froggy are u sleeping?" and i was
like "well its 8 in the morning over here" and he was
like "ohhh its like 11 over here".. and went on about how
we was in church and he needs to get sumthin for his
sinus's and how the preacher prolly thought that it was
really touchen ajs heart sense he sounded like he was cryen
LOL. he then told me he wanted to me to go to church! i
would... but.... im seriously snowed in over here. its like
80 degrees over tehre and here its like 22. sheesh. then i
tried worken on my site... i get so frustrated why do they
have to make things so complicated? lol im dumb when it
comes to that kinna stuff. so i had my friend tiffy help me
out and shes like a genious when it comes to that stuff i
swear! (HI TIFFY THANKS HUN!). ne ways.. lets just just say
she linked all my pages together and added the pics.. lol!
then i cleaned up a bit around the house sense my dad is on
his way home from yakima. i should start reading my book
again sense my report is due on Friday. ehh... so
lazy. but im really doubting were having school tomorrow
sense the roads are so bad... but i could be wrong??.. i
dunno.. aj sent me an email! it was so cute sayen he missed
me and his family and wishes he was back here with all of
us again! hes really sweet.. i love him so much! ne ways im
gonna go and try to get reading on that book! TTYL!