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2004-01-04 21:41:54 (UTC)

I wanted to go...

I wanted to go with her. But now I'm alone. In a house full
of people. But alone.

I sit in a chair. Staring out the window.

Watching each passing car. Blue. White. Red. Not the right
one. Not hers.

All alone.

Missed opportunity. Wasted time.
It cannot be like the first time.
And tomorrow is the end.

I'm running out of time.

I wanted to go. But my pride held me back.
How dumb could one be? She was never coming back for me.

Gray van. It sounds so much like her.
But no.
And I despair.

Holding on to each passing moment,
While I secretly wish the time away...and yet I want her

High drama. That is what this is. What I like. And yet I
hide from life. Too scared of the drama it brings.

I'm hopeless.
I wish she was here.