the adventures of saz
2004-01-04 20:49:14 (UTC)


this moring i woke up horrified because i had a scary
dream, get a load of this, i had just came out of school
and i descovered that my new bike had been stolen and i
cryied so then i walked home,while walking home i saw ben
and his friend sitting on a trailer that was atached to his
car and his dad was driving, when ben saw me he jumped off
it to see me cos i was crying but his friend tried to stop
him but it was too late. Ben came over to me and asked me
why i had been crying and i told him my bike was stolen and
he suddenly made a bike apear out of no where but it wasnt
my bike he sed we should go on thisto find my bike. So we
went around asking random people if thay had seen my bike
but no 1 had so we traveled back to the crime scene and the
person who stole it had put it bak there and he had done it
up for me! but went i woke up i still thought my bike had
been stolen!
Also bex had slept over that nite and in the moring we
disided to call on people so we called on lucy, jason and
olivia. we all ended up outside jason and olivia's house
but we later disided to move on to bex's house lol and in
the end we ended up at ben's house watching bruce almighty
it was fun! but come 4o'clock bex, lucy and i all made our
way home, me and lucy live down the same road so bex came
with us and my mum droped her home.Then we went to my
grandma's (me and my mum)and i found out that my aunty has
got breast cancer again but this time she has had her
breasts amputated and her hair has fallen out. When i found
this out i was truely horrified.
Once we had come home from my grandma's i feed my dog and
my cat, went on the p.c and then had dinner then came back
what a truely exciting day i have had! lol