wrestling lover
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2004-01-04 18:48:12 (UTC)


Hello people im just playing checkers with my grandpa
yep fun well not much new here no snow at all its actually
warm not like hawaii warm but exciting. well i dont now
what timeit is so im confused and angry cuz school is
tommorw god damit im loosing on checkers god what a bad
day it is for me so far its only 11 . god i wish i would
have woken up earlyer. well just stressed realy i am moms
feeling better but my thumb isnt i treid a break dancing
move and it gave up and i twisted it and landed right on
it. so its all greena nd mom hasnt brought me to the
doctor yet. great. well upset for the first time cuz
SCHOOL I HATE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. well got to go im goona
stay up all night and think of a plan. to sta y home just
cuz well ciya
love yall
celeste kimberly wrestling brock and stone cold lover