Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-01-04 18:29:22 (UTC)

Doubt, Resolve, Recreation, disapointment and late night fun.

WOW! The last couple of days have been crazy!! I have
become re-aquainted with Kelly-Jo. Oh how I have missed
her. *Sigh* I just didnt want to lose another friend. I
mean I know that I will always have friends, and I have no
enemys. (that I know of anyways ..*cocks eyebrow*) But we
spent the whole night talking about life, boys, friends and
good times. She made the BEST wine I have ever had.. I was
really impressed! Being the RAGING alcohoic person that I
am, its was the best tasing stuff ever... mmmm.

I left relitivly early in the day so that I could spenD
the day with the fam that I have. All in all it was a good
night and morning.

That night I went out to the movies with the cooleST
chicas ever! Judy, Cass, Chels, Pam, Mel, and Jess! oh
GAWD! We saw THE LAST SAMURAI... all I can say is WOW! THe
CINEMATOGRAPhY........ its one of my faves.. I have dubbed
myself a Samurai. *who cares if I have to spend years of
intensive training to become one. I did it over night.
Cause Im cool. And Im DENIKA.-yeah thats right bitch take

Lol, I picked up too. I always flirt. Its a disease.
Honest. I cant help myself. That is unless I am with
someone. Ya know the whole loyalty thing. I'm pretty good
at it! lol, its probably not one bit true but cass
said "Yeah, Denika picked up more men in 5 mins than I did
my entire life." lol. Shes sweet.

Then... I came back to Kristas house. I had a good day. K
and I had fun. We had a hair Dying and cutting party lol.

Then the serious part of my life caught up with me. *as
Always* I had to go to MY house to see my father.... argh.
What a scene that was. I really dont think he will ever
understand that not everything is about money or him. I
have pretty much lost all hope on the matter. Its a shame
thats all. Bleh.

when I got home form that, I went out with Chelsea again.
It was fun. It always is with her. We stayed at Tim Hortons
till 12:30 am, came back to K's hous and watched 28 dayss

Today hasbeen slow, but pleasant. I cant wait to have
potato soup. LOL.. aka hodge podge. hehe... anywhoo0o0o,
have to go.


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