The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-01-04 08:09:31 (UTC)

"High - Volume 1" lol

Well, i'm fucked up, FUBAR....or, stoned as i like to call
it lol. I have now decided to do a High entry everytime i
get prepare for it, cause i swear you'll piss
your pants lol.

Today's topic: How i think microsoft is spying on, you watch my comp be bugged lol...anyways, back
on topic...My computer is TURTLE slow, even
when i boot the POS...But, one day, for some
booted up no problem...and came to the prompt....while i
was rolling a smoke...and i'm normally smoked some of my
smoke before it even asks me for the password. Fucked up?

So, i started thinkin that maybe....just MAYBE microsoft
had a camera in the computer and it said like "prompt him
when he's busy HAHAHAHA (Insert evil laugh ---there)"

I can't type worth a shit tonight...not like that's NOT
normal....but, you know, just not good with it tonight lol
And what the HELL is up with the "........." all the time
lol, i mean damn, i normally don't do that all the time, i
don't think lol

So, before you see the "skldjfsildfuwfj" on here, i'm
gonna end it lol.

pEaCe OuT pEoPlE!!

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