Erotic Stories
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2004-01-04 07:46:21 (UTC)

Part Two- Trouble in Paradise: Chapter One- David's Room

Francesca entered his room with a loose button down shirt
and a long beige skirt on. David was surprised at this.
Still in his knights uniform, he led Francesca to his Bed
and kissed her. Francesca put her arms around his neck and
his hand on one of her breasts. She rubbed his hand around
on her. She felt his cock grow hard. He pulled away and
unbuttoned her shirt. He lifted her soft, small breasts
and saw her nipple rings. It aroused him but he felt so
sorry for her.
"O she can be cruel he said kissing her breasts."
"She liked to see my pain."
"Who wouldn't? Its irresistable when you writhe pant,
but i want you to feel good, filled with love not pain.
Don't worry my sweet Francesca, I will make you feel
good." He kissed her neck. Francesca closed her eyes and
felt filled with happiness. David removed his top to
reveal his chiseled chest. Francesca put her hands all
over him, she had never, ever touched a man like this
"you're so virginal, so innocent. I'll be gentle." He put
his hands und her long, full, gauze skirt and put his
hands on her hips. Francesca unzipped her Skirt and
slipped it off. Just the feel of David's hands on her hips
made her aroused. David looked down at her pussy.
"Oh my god...its beatiful.." His mouth dropped at the
sight of how small and tantalizing it was. Francesca
"Why does everyone say that?" David looked at her
"how can you know know? Look at your vaginal lips, how
pink and full." He spread them "Your clit is a perfect
shape. Your hole is so small, it makes you just wwant to
make you moan. But i don't want to hurt you.."
"Just go on, i want you to go on." She looked so
tantalizing with her shirt still on and her breasts
exposed. He kissed down her stomach and clenched his hands
onto her ass cheecks. He full on kissed her clitoris.
"ooo my god...David, thats the most amazing thing i've
ever felt." David Licked her nether lips and sucked her
clit. He made a circle around her orifice until he stuck
his long, thick, tongue in. Francesca thre back her head
and arched her back. She didn't moan like with Gwen, she
cooed and let out heavy sighs. When She came, David pulled
out and francesca kissed him.
"please make love to me David..." David sighed and
Francesca knew he couldn't wait any longer. She Pulled off
his pants to reveal his rock hard cock. It was at least 8
inches and it jutted out. He pushed the head in side of
"ooo mmmm wait a minute.." David waited while she got
used to this enourmous head inside her. He pushed a little
more. Francesca hole streched as she let out a yelp of
pain. He started to pull out but she stopped him.
"please David, i want the whole thing in me."
"Please" David slowly pushed his whole manhood inside
the virgin cunt.
"ahhh oooo David..." She streched herself no matter how
much it hurt. She adjusted herself until she started to
feel pleasure from it. David took off the rest of her top.
He started to move his dick in and out slowly.
"ooo my god...faster..harder..." Francesca moaned. David
went faster and faster and faster and then shoved his
whole dick in up to the shaft. Thats when they both came.
But the night wasn't over...