you cant escape what makes you tragic
2004-01-04 07:00:29 (UTC)

eatin peachz

andrew came home from connecticut!!!! finally, i thought i
would die of heartbreak. we saw big fish on friday and it
was sooooo good i'm buying it on dvd as soon as it comes
out. then we went to mya and cherilyn and i talked for a
while. it was awesome b/c i never get to see her, but i
love just chillin w/ her and talkin and shit. missy's
preggers by her jerky bf and she was so stressed (and i'm
not sure what she was on) that she had 2 little seizure
attacks. i was SO scared for her. thankfully adam was
there b/c he knows what to do for her.

after mya andrew and i went to minella's diner w/ his dad.
i slept over and we watche psyco beach party. omg i love
that movie... it's soo funny! 'i will CUT you'... lols. we
didn't go to bed until like, 7am, but we talked a lot and
just cuddled and stuff. it was as perfect a night as i
could ask for.

and speakin of andrew, he just called me b/c he got home
from dracula's ball (grr i wanted to go but couldn't)he
wen't w/ kari and adam and saw paz there, as well as the
asshole guy from MSI that aTTACkeD me (well, kissed me but
w/e) and apparently mr attacker started talking to andrew
and when adam found out who he was he got all GRR at him.
it's so cute to hear about, that i did't even have to be
their and he would defend me like that. i feel special.
no, actually it makes me feel pretty...