The things you never knew?
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2004-01-04 06:00:40 (UTC)

How could i forget?


I know why make them if you aren't going to keep them, but
I can try, I have kept one before. Also what is the point
of just keeping something for a year? Who knows but as
tradition I need to make them.

1. My mom told me that to be healthy weight that you need
to weight 5 pounds per inch. That means that I should
weight 115. That is my goal. But I will be really happy
if I get to 130. I don't like feeling fat and looking
fat. So that is a goal. So if you seem me eating junk
food, take it away. Also call me fat, give me more
incentive to lose weight.

2. I would like to be nice to everyone. I am a pretty
nice person but sometimes I get annoyed and I am not very
nice. I would really like to work on being more nice and
not only acting nice but thinking nice things.

3. I need to study extra hard and have a really good
semester and get my grade point average at 3.0 atleast.

I think those are the main ones but if I think of anything
else I will be sure to type it out. They say goals seem
more attainable if you write them out.