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2004-01-04 05:49:03 (UTC)

Still missing her!

Hey people,
What is going on? Well as for me, nothing much, just
here chatting with my friend. Damn, theres some true
weirdos out there. I met one today actually. I mean I just
wanted to chat, like make conversation and at the end, she
ends up telling me, "I love u." She gets online again and
tells me the same. Im like what the fuck? Dude, I like
attract pyschos or something. One says, "Jackie, I want
you to be mine." And here comes another saying, "I am your
only and I love u." Damn. Yeah, everyone can tell me all
this shit but my heart belongs to one person only. I LOVE
YOU MUM! Yeah, I certainly attract pyschos. Aren't I the
lucky one?! Fuck no Im not. What pisses me off that I can
never meet anyone online as wanting to be friends. They
all want more than a friendship. Enough about this shit,
I'll change the subject. I talked to my girl a couple of
minutes ago. Damn Im missing her like crazy. I keep
thinking about her. I was upset earlier though. She didn't
call like all day. I was like damn, she could at least
call to say hi and bye and I love you! She didn't cause
well she was expecting me to call this time. Whatever Mum!
But yeah that was sort of upsetting. Im like did she
forget about me or what? Damn, I know Im not special but I
like to feel loved once in a while too! lol Im joking
babe. I always feel loved by you Mum. Shes so fucking
cute. The stuff that she calls me and the way she makes me
feel. Never felt that way. A nice feeling you know. Ok, Im
going to stop talking about her right now. Im going to be
missing her even more. Well um yeah Im supposed to be
heading out to the club right now. Its been a while since
I haven't gone out by myself. Its going to feel a little
odd and lonely! Im use to holding my babe's hand and
hugging her. Ok ok, stop Jack! Um...I don't know what else
to write on here, I better stop too. Ok, bye! I LOVE YOU


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