The things you never knew?
2004-01-04 05:38:36 (UTC)

The new year

I spent new year's eve at Amy A's house in Moores Hill,
Indiana. There really isn't much there but you don't need
a lot to have a good time. Jessica, Charla, and I rode up
together and Tosha lives by amy. One of amy's friends
from HS was there too. It was actually pretty fun, we
played games, danced, and watched the ball go down ( don't
really understand the point, but we did it). There was no
New Year Kiss for me, but you know that is alright with
me. I came home mid afternoon on New Years Day. I spent
the whole day at home just organizing and cleaning stuff
in my room. Friday Mom and I ran some errands, got
Travelers Checks... I can't believe I am going to Italy in
less than two weeks, seems hard to believe. I didn't
think it would ever get here and now that it is I am not
sure if I am ready for it. Friday night, I babysat for
the kids:) I actually got done somewhat early and the gang
came over, matt mc., kevin, kate, todd, and brad. We
played games and watched Pirates of the Carribean:) My
favorite. Saturday I was awaken by my mom to inform me
that my grandma had money for me always good. Lots of
good money for my trip:) I love grandmas and aunts. Didn't
do much today either, packing and organizing.. babysat the
kids again. I began sixty dollars richer watching those
kids this weekend:) I don't mind it.. Plus after I put
them to bed I can do whatever I want like play game cube
for four hours. Yea I know I am crazy. So tomorrow
awaits... I get to go back to school. I am not sure if I
am ready or not. I guess it really doesn't matter either
because i have to go back ready or not. I have had over
three weeks off of school and I feel like I accomplished
nothing. I am sure I got something done just doesn't seem
like it. Well off to pack and write. Night night...

Hopefully my life will become more interesting when I go
back to school