lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-04 05:12:03 (UTC)

today.... im soo lazy

well, today is weird... its still snowing so hard... im not
gonna be able to go to work tomorrow... and my dad is stuck
in Yakima, with my brothers and ways im still
in my Pjs.. im soo lazy! when i woke up i called aj (which
was around noon)... i wanted to see how he was doin and
when he got in. turns out he got in at 11:52 am. he didnt
leave last night till 10! poor guy! he was soo tired and he
was joking around with me, and we were laughing and he
sounded soo tired so i let him go.
then i did nuthin, i attempted on doin my aerobics
homework.. got most of it done just basically got to make
sumthin up for it and print it out. and reading my book im
gonna keep on with it tonight and then on monday call my
old teacher and have her lie saying that i did do my comm.
service project. i then watched santa clause 2 with my mom
sense we were both snowed in.. : /...
im now here... lol... Melissa just signed would be
a lie that i dont read her diary to see how shes doin.. but
i think she reads mine too... soo uhh HI MELISSA... i am
kinna wondering who called her today though lol... i know
ima dork! i am still very mad at her.. but i know its part
of life to forgive.. i may forgive her, but i will never
forget or trust maybe never talk to her again. but i hope
she knows i forgive her.. i want to ask alot of questions
but aj made me promise not to ask or talk to her about ne
thing he told me.. so im going to respect that... but i may
ask him and maybe he will let me ask her? i'll let him have
his time..
i just looked outside and its still snowing! crazy! i dont
want it to stop at all!!! i want to have a couple extra
days off till i go back! but ne ways i gotta go! ttyl!!!