~ShIt HaPpEnZ~
2004-01-04 04:42:40 (UTC)


Well Today was unexciting as usual. I didn't talk to Erin
much and the only thing i did was sleep in til 1:15pm and
play XBOX with my Brother scott. Tomorrow is his birthday.
I love him alot but sometimes he can be an asshole. I have
learned to stay quiet when he's in pissy moods cuz
otherwise, he'll bitch and moan more and more,and
eventually will start to get in my face and fight.
Tomorrow he will be 19 years old. the big 1-9. I am happy
for him. I love him alot. A few minutes ago I was lookin
at away messages, and I picked out a few that im gonna
use. Before I came down stairs i went and bought my
brother an apple pie, and my parents and I went to then
store to pick up a few things, including a cake for
tomorrow. Well, thats about all that went on today and im
out of things to type so i guess this is the end of the