The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-01-04 04:41:12 (UTC)

the joys of being sick...lemme tell you lol

Well, this is now officially day 2 of me being sick...i
can't type or focus on anything...which SUCKS ass lol. I
think all it is, is sinus problems again...and thankfully,
i got pills to take care of that (As if i'm not on enough

Besides being sick, i got an oh so wonderful call on the
cell today. It was my mom's "ex" in airdrie (For those of
you who dunno where it is, it's about 3 and a half hours
away from my city...and about 30 to 45 minutes out of Alberta lol) I got the chance to hear that my
mom has been missing for 2 days, no sign of her, no calls,
no nothing...all he knows is that she's staying with my
brother in a house in airdrie, and that's all he knows.

Hmm...i will spare the details, as i know tons...but don't
really feel like "opening up" or "talking" about it...all
i really can say is that she burnt her last bridge with
him, and he doesn't want her back.

Ummmm....what else to write? oh yea...he still wants me to
come up there for a week when he gets his garage
i'm guessing sometime before february, cause he's goin
down to mexico again next month...which is nice for ass for me, cause i gotta stay in the damn
SNOW for 3 more freakin months lol

Oh yea, and before i forget...i got back in touch with my
ex...and so far, we've been talking no problems...i just
hope it stays that way, so we can at least be friends...if
something more develops, then we'll see, but for now,
friends is good enough

So until tomorrow when i get bored, have fun! lol

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