Joronas Temnra

2004-01-04 04:37:44 (UTC)

Shadows and Light

What do you do when the world slams into you and shows you
what might have been, if you'd let it come around?

What do you do when one of the precious few worth diving
headfirst into the brightest pit of torment to help finally
finds one of the things to make her happy -- somewhere else,
with someone else? What do you do when you feel yourself
smile and die both, when you wish her well with an honest
heart and feel a little more of your soul shred, because the
one who was helping heal your own heart and soul has walked
away again?

Is it better to be a living shadow? I don't know if I can
anymore. Once upon a time I was as insubstantial as a
breeze.. but now I'm much more, and I don't know how to
handle this. And all I remember are lines of verse...
written years ago in tears of heart-pain.. I can even feel
the end of the line after writing "And now I weep/Because,
you see/His tale do I/Know well indeed/As he is me".. After
writing about the death of heart and soul..