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2004-01-04 00:58:21 (UTC)

Winter Stars

The sky is clear this evening which means it'll become very
cold tonight. Most of the snow has melted and the streets
look pretty dry but any moisture that remains will turn to
ice. The stars should be beautiful if one wanted to stand
out there and look at them.

We need to go to Corvallis tomorrow afternoon to bring Owen
back to the university so he can begin his classes on Monday
so I'm hoping that if there is any ice it'll be long gone by
the time we're ready to leave. The forecast is for cold and
ice again Sunday night but afterwards it's supposed to warm
up and a front should be bringing in rain.

We'll also do some grocery shopping (I have a coupon for $10
off a purchase of $50 or more at Safeway, a bargain I find
hard to resist), see Gavin, and perhaps John will want to do
more shopping, depending upon the ads he finds in tomorrow
morning's newspaper.

Jack called from Virginia again today. He needs a credit
report to rent a place, something we should have thought of
ahead of time, but hadn't. John ordered one through the
Internet and it's accessible from their webpage with the
user name and password so any potential landlord can look at
it through this month when provided with the appropriate
information. Jack said he'll be taking a train to
Philadelphia this afternoon to stay with Will. Will was his
roommate in college and is going to graduate school at the
University of Pennsylvania. Most of Jack's stuff has been
stored in his apartment and he'll help Jack move it once
Jack has a place.