Sarah's Shit
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2004-01-03 18:52:37 (UTC)

it' s really early....sorta...

Uh, hi...it's early...oh wait, no it's not, it's 1:45.
Well that's early for me. Hey, if Maggie reads this, I
still want you to dye my hair and I'm getting dye...uh...I
don't know, sometime soon. yeah... I'm at my house at the
moment, eating any junk food that comes within my arm's
reach. I think it's starting to catch up with me, I gained
weight after soccer season was over...dammit...okay, this
is a really boring subject. grrrr.... I saw half of House
of 1000 Corpses and then I fell asleep cause it was like
four in the morning and when I woke up the damn thing was
gone. And now I can't finish the movie, soo....okay I'm
done bitching now. Thanks for listening. hmmmm...out of
food...not that I'm trying to get fat or anything, I'm just
addicted to anything with lots of sugar and shit like
that. gonna go find more food, so byez...really bored, so
if anyone reads this and feels like calling me or IMing
me......( oh yeah, 776-4208)well byez.