Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
2004-01-03 18:07:53 (UTC)

How Fast He Can Fix My Heart

I did take it down I havent asked who did it yet but
as soon as Sarah gets home shes gunna call me. Meredith
is still sleeping and when she gets on Im gunna ask her.
I love him with every thing. He told me my life shouldnt
revolve around him, well it does. And Im glad it does
He got mad at me. I relized something last night that
Im not just doing my life, but Im a part of his to. I
affect him and I dont want to ruin his life. He's part of
me and that wont change. He has changed me in so many
ways and he will always keep changing me. I know Im not
perfect but thankfully in his mind I am. Just like he is
in mine.
He came to my house at 6 this morning. He will never
know how good that made me feel. Although my mouth tasted
funny he still kissed me. When he tucked me in I wanted
to cry, knowing that he was there for me was the best
feeling in the world. He really changes what I think and
feel. Hes givin me a world that I wouldnt have had with
out him.
He told me we had sex to soon. I dont know, all the
time I think I lost my virginity at the age of 14. Wow I
am young. Then I think I lost it with the only guy in the
world that I would want to lose it too. I know he doesnt
believe me sometimes and hes right, do I give him reasons
to sometimes. Why did I let that stupid rumor go around.
That is very stupid.
I love my boyfriend and I cant wait to see him again.