Kill me please
2004-01-03 17:23:38 (UTC)

How long will they mourn me?

All the people drinking liquor
Tears in everybody's eyes
People cried to mourn a mates homicide
But I can't cry
instead I'm just a shoulder
Damn, why they take another soldier
do real peopls get to go to heaven ?

It's kinda hard to be optimistic
When your mates lying dead on the pavement twisted

I'm trying hard to make amends
But I'm losing all my muthafuckin friends (damn)
They should've shot me when I was born
Now I'm trapped in the fuckin storm
How long will they mourn me ?

Smokin' blunt after blunt and steady drinkin'
We hung around so much, you knew what I was thinkin'

So confused not knowing which way to go
I'm goin crazy and runnin' out of fuckin' time
I can't take it, I'm losin' my fuckin' mind
So day after day
ride after ride
We'll hook up on the other side
Watch over your family and your newborn
Till we meet again

Ya know life's a fuckin' trip
And everybody gotta go
But why the fuck it have to be mate yo?
Another one fell victim to the street
It's enough to make you crazy
It's fuckin' with my dome
Ya only live once on this earth