C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-01-03 05:46:47 (UTC)

ender will save us all

so here goes my depressed mood funk or whatever you want to
call it...
there is no point to life at all... all you do is live..
think you are the only one in the world wiht feelings that
you have and then get depressed or get your hopes up only
to be let down... it is a load of shit... so today i went
to the 16th street mall with charlie and keri and paul...
it was pretty fun... of course im in charlies fan club so i
was flirting wiht him... which is a nother totally point
less activity... i mean what... grr... i wont even start...
so charlie is cool... and i guess paul asked him if he
likes me (wow.. all the 5th grade shit again..) and he said
sorta and well i like him of course but i dont know what to
do.. i want to do something but cant think of anything... i
mean do i just go up to him and be all like hey ive got a
crush on you (cue song)... but hed either htink i was jokin
or would be all grossed out because lets face it.. im not
pretty or hot or funny or any of that shit... im just weird
and obnoxious... and i cant wait til i get to move out...
my parents are dumb fucks... but tthats another issue...
nothing ever happenns in my life... this year... something
monumental is going to happen.... let me tell ya... god i
feel depressed... maybe... well i cant think of anything
else to write... i wish i had a friend i could tell this to
but no one would want to listen or know