lyssa's Diary!
2004-01-03 05:10:45 (UTC)

im ready to quit!!!

well i walked into work today... looked at next weeks
schedual.. and well.. i have NO hrs! My asst. manager
Marsie does not like me at all, and i asked her "why dont i
have ne hrs next week?" and she said i should ask my
manager Kris. then she said sumthin about being suspended
sense we failed a mystery guest the night i was working. i
dont know why i was being blamed for it when i had nuthin
to do with it, and if i did why i was the only one blamed.
i seriously have had enough with that place. they treat me
soo bad, and they walk all over me. they have thrown me
place to place, just got my review and i have been working
there sense May, they dont train me where im supposed to be
by now sense they always put me on head set... although i
am one of the best ppl there and they depend on me. if i
find out i am suspended i will be getting a new job and
will be quitting. but if its another one of Marsies scams
where she threatens to fire me for no reason and Kris has
to ask me to come back or fix what she said then i will be
throwing a fit. i work my ass off at that place and
everyone else will be getting raises while i get walked all
over on. i hate it! ne ways im out im pissed at that and
hopeing aj will call me tonight when he gets in... if he
gets in at a decent hr. lol... ttyl!