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2004-01-03 04:38:33 (UTC)

Missing my baby!

Whats going on? Well hey its Friday and I thought I was
going to go out but I guess not. Damn you Cindy! Im just
joking. Im not really in the mood of heading out to the
club today. My babe is out of town so Im here at her house
taking care of her little babies. They're crazy man! Im
missing her like alot. I just spoke to her a couple of
minutes ago and told her that I don't really miss her like
alot alot. Well I lied. Now that I've spoken to her, Im
missing her like crazy. Her hugs and kisses and her touch.
Thats what I want this instant. If I was at my house right
now, damn I would've been going crazy up the ass. I
organized, cleaned, rearranged, anything you can think of
with her room, I just did, lol. Damn Mum, your room was a
mess! I mean I've organized it before but I did top to
bottom this time. I even decorated it and everything.
Since Laura's world is about Laura, well the theme to her
room is basically.....Laura. lol Pictures of her and the
buds, mostly sport pictures. Its actually two themes, a
kid like one and about her. Its pretty neat, I hope she
likes it when she comes back. I LOVE YOU MAMAS! Damn, I
can't wait to see her again. The only one good thing that
she isn't here is that for the first time ever, I get to
actually hold the remote, lol. Im just joking babe! But I
need someone next to me, other than her two little
puppies, lol. Ben and Liz are spending the night too.
They're sleeping in Mum's room right now. Well lets see, I
guess thats all for now. Im going to sit for a bit and
continue putting stuff away in my babe's room. Damn girl,
you owe me...big time! Ok well got to go. I LOVE YOU MUM!


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