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2004-01-03 03:17:52 (UTC)

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

But, thankfully, it is no more. At least for now. The
forecast is for perhaps more snow tonight but depending upon
the forecast one wishes to believe, all the snow and ice
will be gone by Monday or Tuesday. Or perhaps not. Who
knows? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

It was warm enough (38 degrees) for us to take a quick run
into Corvallis this afternoon. John went to Office Max and
we also went to the library to return books and pick up our
reserved books. We also went to the sewing machine repair
shop and picked up my sewing machine. I am so happy to have
it back!

The roads were clear and dry and it was nice to get out of
the house. Jack called early this morning to let us know he
was getting ready to take the shuttle to the airport to
catch his plane and he called this evening from northern
Virginia to tell us he'd arrived safely. He's planning on
taking a train to Philadelphia tomorrow evening (after a day
of apartment hunting) to stay with Will and then take the
train back to Virginia to begin work on Monday. I am back
to reading the news from the East Coast with more interest
than ever before.

Things are, as usual, quiet around here. I haven't heard
nearly as many trains in the past few days. I supose there
are fewer of the them because of the bad weather. The
Christmas street decorations are still up; I guess they'll
be coming down on Monday and then Christmas really will be
over. At least for this year.

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