wrestling lover
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2004-01-03 00:22:23 (UTC)

Hi im back

hello f ans of me
i just got back from my dear diary. its ok but not half
as good as this one im going to keep that one to just in
case anything i dont know. well my sis is just getting me
an orange yep exciting right. i know. im not looking
forward to summer break cause u know why. my grandmother.
shes 63 but shes in good shape and she makes me study in
the summer when im supposed to go on holidays. she does my
own hair washes it and blow dries it and puts hare spray
in and im like STOP STOP STOP STOP PLEZZZZZZZZ. i dont
reall y say that cause im shy and i say oh i love it
grandma really. shes really nice though cause shemade me a
doll house when i was younger and a hope chest adn pays
for swimmclub im in. shes nic e she just needs to cool it.
yep grandpas nice though he is. wel l not much new ples
ane1 like wrestling anyone i love brock lesnar more than u
yes i do i love stone cold more than u yes i do yes i do
yes i do i love stonecold ok shut up celeste
anyway comeone sis give me an orange im hungry get me a
glass of pink lemonade pleessz well g2g
love yall
celeste kiimberly wrestling fan