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He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-02 23:42:04 (UTC)

New Year

Its a new year. In a way I think it sucks. SO many
great and wounderful things have happened to me. I fell
in love for the first time in my life. The guy I fell in
love with for the first time is definitly 1 in a million.
He is sweet and caring. He makes me laugh like no one
else can. He remembers what I like and dont like. He and
I have learned so much from each other. He taught me how
to do things that I wouldnt have done with anyone but
him. I love him and am glad to start the new year with
Friends, well I made a lot of new ones last year. One
that I'll never forget is Sarah Burgen. She used to give
me rides to school every day. She was so cool. She
helped me meet lots of people I prolly wouldnt have talked
to with out her. At school I did something and I lost her
trust. I really want to gain it back for her. She helped
me with a lot of things. I meet her through tennis. She
is really a cool person once you get to know her.
School was great last year I made HIGH honor role for
the first time. Sarah also helped me with that weather
she knows it or not. I got my 2nd mid-quarter and it
looks like I'm gunna be on HIGH again if I keep it up.
Well of course I will.
Well I had a great last year and I hope that 2004
kicks butt too!!!! Yay and party!!!!

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