Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2004-01-02 22:23:17 (UTC)

Happy New Years

The drama b4 new years wasnt the greatest but the end
result rocked..on tuesday we all went over marissa's house
to chill...amanda made us pillows for christmas and kim
made us really pretty stained glass ornaments..they were
sooo we had decided to go wit cindy to the
whenwood apartment in altoona for new years cuz everyone
here was doin something else...then cindy told us the
party was now in johnstown and it was a house part wit all
joes friends..cheryl decided she wasnt goin and then
amanda and maris decided to go to my house..i was very
unsure the whole nite for what i was doin cuz i had work
the day after new years and it takes 5 hours to get
home..cindy got really upset cuz she didnt wanna go by
herself and i couldnt make up my mind..i finally decided
that it would be more fun to go cuz i never do nething
spontaneous like that..we left the next morning at like
915ish..and the drive up was fun..we talked and sang to
the music and shit it was fun chillin wit cindy
then we picked up talisha in toona to bring her to
johnstown..we would up gettin so lost goin there we took
an hour and it should only take like 20 minutes..we
eventually got to eat n was kewl like i kno the
ppl but i dont KNOW them ya kno?..we had fun and all i ate
was this really wierd salad wit french fries on it but i
had like less than a 4th which would up being bad for me
cuz i never ate again the rest of the nite and thats not
good when u drink we went to joes house after eat
n park to meet his family then to his friends bob's then
to logan's..the first half hour at logans was wierd cuz
like no one was drinkin but then we went all out..i had 3
shots of soco, one of bacardi 151,2 rum and cokes, a
cement mixer (nasty), and a screwdriver.. lets just say i
was drunk off my and tee were the worse out of
every1 and we were together all nite..we danced in the
wood shed and shit lol it was we like just
walked in from dancin when the ball dropped..tee layed
down which is always bad cuz she would up gettin REALLY
sick rite after...i dont remember what happened toward the
end but i woke up at like 6 underneath the piano lol..i
tried to rest cuz cindy originally said i was drivin but i
got sick when i woke up at 10 so she drove cuz she didnt
drink that much..all in all it was a great nite..we didnt
leave toona til 2 and it takes 5 hours usually to get
home..cindy made it bak in 3 and a half and i was just on
time for work..ive been very lonely lately and yesterday i
kept gettin mad at myself..i had a good thing b4 school
and if i wasnt such a lil bitch about it i wouldnt have
ignored him and maybe there would be something between us
rite now but i have to face the fact that he has a gf and
move on but i cant..hopefully me being depressed will help
me to loose weight which is my main goal next semster next
to school work..well im off to the gate once more

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