wrestling lover
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2004-01-02 22:07:39 (UTC)

hello again

hi i just did my sisters thing at open yep its a
cool place. u cant look at hers cause she did private.
well not much new here.really not much new. i just got
the computer and i have to be quite cause fillmores
sleeping. i was reading some of ur guyses diarys and you
sound so misserable. god. wake up get a life and enjoy
life. once u die ur going to miss life. u will honestly.
if i die i would be depressed. life is something u enjoy.
some of u may have miserable lives i understand cause i
have one to but i make the best of it. but people who
really dont have a bad and just make their life miserable.
wake up smell some floweres cause really ur ok. talk to me
if u need help and if u disagree with me oh read my past
diary entres and ull laugh.
love yall
celeste kimberly wrestling lover