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chason pour les petits enfant
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2004-01-02 21:38:20 (UTC)


I always wanted staff. I been with about 7 of the. Blaine the first one I really like though. He's the manager now of the Moor House. He's 33. I told him I'm 25. I'm 19 but I look older. He scute and he's a staff. He has an apartment and car. Last night I finally got with him. He's sort a like all the other guys. H e wants oral sex- a blowjob. at least he gave me some. I like to screw. I think he might be afraid now. so I just keep sucking him off until I can get him to screw me. he's soooo cute. blonde hair and blue eyes. a nice jeep and nice apartment. I would be happy. I dont think he knows about my molesdting charges or that I used to live there. I told him I'm mildly retarded and he actted like he didnt know anthything about me and the stupid legal charges for molsting boys 15. I get disability and I kmow he likes that. he has to screw me reluarly or I'll drop him. all most of them that work there want blowjobs. I hate his wife.

we could move to West Lynton and he could get a job I still will have disability. I can cook enough so he will like that and clean. nobody there will know I'm retarded so he won't worry about that. when I can get him screwing me I'll get him to screw my ass. I know he'll love that. then he will keep on screwing me until we have a baby. at night I'll get up when hes sleeping and suck his cock. he'll wake-up and love that. they all do. it's a good idea doing that. I can wash clthes and dishes too. Diana Chesney. I love the way that sounds. but I got to get him away from here and his stupid wife.

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