Life & Times of D. Walker
2004-01-02 18:27:52 (UTC)

First entry- A new year

Well, it's the 2nd day of 2004 and so far nothing exciting
has happened. Duffy was supposed to come back in town
yesterday- I haven't heard from him yet. We're supposed to
be going out tonight. I have to be at the airport at the
crack of dawn tomorrow morning so I don't want to do
anything major. Maybe just get some take out and rent a
couple of movies.
It's going to be nice to go out of town for a few days. I
need to get away from Florida for a while. I start class 2
days after I return. I'm going to miss Duffy while I'm
gone. If we go out tonight I'm going to try to conger up
the nerve to ask him what his feelings are about me. I
don't want to give to much and put my heart on my sleeve
if he's not willing to do the same. Unfortunately, I don't
think he's fully over his ex. They've been broken up for 4
months now and he says he knows it's over- but he has to
still be in love. Hell, Chris and I have been apart for
almost 3 years and I still think about him. I think it's
because he's the only real relationship I've ever had and
ever since I've just been serial dating. It's getting old.
I really want to have a steady guy that I can rely on and
spend time with.
We'll see- maybe Duffy will step up to the plate. I hope

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