spencer love

chason pour les petits enfant
2004-01-02 10:12:39 (UTC)


I hate him. Clay knew I wanted a strong man. But someone who would stick up for me. Then, is all he ever did was put me down. Everyone says they feel for me but they don't act that way. Clay made me go in the Army, so I did. I was a medic like he wanted me to be, and got a bad conduct discharge after about 14 months because of partying with him. I flunked a drug test. He made me go to Michigan State. I flunked after one year. He tells everyone about it. Then the porn movies. We made pretty good money, but he kept it. They said I was the prettiest girl at the studio....ever. I was the only actress who could deep throat Doug Klitt. He has a 22" dick when erected. I kept it in my throat for over two hours once while figured out what to do to me next. Two hours. I kept it hard by bathing it. No one gave me credit. Not even Clay, and the only reason I made those movies was for him and too get some money. I made a movie with Rhonda Clew where I had to let her beat me. She broke my nose and two fingers, gave me two black eyes and slapped me silly for over two hours. I got 30 dollars, and Clay kept it. Finally I got rid of him when I got TB. I went to another school but flunked again. So I got a job bar-tending. I got fired because I gave blowjobs for five dollars. But I was used to doing that so it wasn't really fair.

Then I ran out of money and got kicked out because I couldn't pay the rent. I put all my stuff I could in the jeep, but I didn't know where to go or what to do. My best friend Julia had me go with her to someones house to get high. I like to get high. That was about a year ago. I'm still there/here. Marybeth and Stacey. They changed my name to EZ and treat me like a pet. I have a collar and leash and stay under the sink until they want me. But I get high all the time. Some of the guys are a little mean to me b......gg

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