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2004-01-02 07:51:29 (UTC)

"It's Gonna Be a Happy NEW YEAR...."

Well it's 2004!!! I can't believe it. I remember
celebrating 2000 and waiting for the lights to go out.
HA! This year was probably one of the better New Years
I've had in quite a while. Myself, one of my best
friends, and two of my good friends went to Windsor,
Canada. We had an amazing dinner in BG and then we headed
off to the casinos. We ended up bringing in the new year
actually in a fun little pub/bar that was quiet, and
classy. We then gambled a bit in the casino. I, never
having gambled EVER, actually won money. The other three,
who have gambled, LOST quite a bit! HAHAHA!!! We ended up
pulling into BG at around 6. After a MUCH NEEDED trip to
the Waffle House we then crashed for the entire day.
Today I slept until almost 3, and then did absolutely
nothing. Later tonight I cooked dinner for a good
friend. We sat around and talked, had some Martini's, and
watched a movie. Now I'm off to bed.
But before I go I must comment on break and the things
that I learned:
1) My family is amazing and I love them more than I ever
2) The actual towns of Zanesville, Duncan Falls, and Philo
really don't hold much fun--and it seems to take forever
to get anywhere because there actually is quite a bit of
traffic uptown.
3) My nephews and niece are adorable!
4) I still don't want to have kids OR be married!
5) Don't ever again attempt to meet up with people whom
you associated with in high school--you then realize how
many friends you actually really had...when the number is
zero you start to question your past.
6) Then you get over it pretty fast.
7) Adornetto's is REALLY the pizza people come home for!!
8) Tom's Ice Cream Bowl still has the best damn burgers--I
don't even care about their ice cream!
9) Customer service lacks BIG TIME in ANY establishment in
10) The Colony Square Cinema(I don't even know if it's
called that anymore) needs to revamp the theatre...ever
hear of stadium seating with chairs that recline??
11) I want a dog.
12) Why did I EVER think I was cool when I would go to the
mall with friends?
13) The new Super Wal-Mart is nice...but the old one is
still WAY too trashy.
14) Christmas isn't the same when you're older.
15) It's easy to put on a "few" pounds while you're home.
16) Austin is still one of my bestest friends in the whole
world--and the BEST dramaturgy major ever...and my future
guide to the good spots in the Village(NYC)
17) I'm glad I now have my own life, but it's still nice
to come home to those people who will love you no matter
how much of an idiot you can be-you're family.

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