Sarah's Shit
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2004-01-02 05:34:32 (UTC)

Hey Everybody it's Cold!!!!!

uh, hi... for those of you that would care, I'm at
Domenica's dad's house at the moment there's no central
heating!!! grrrrr.....hey, we're sitting here watching Jay
Leno and that dude's chin is buggin the hell out of me...
oh yeah, guess what!?!?!?! Porky Pig is a slut...lol sorry,
you have to watch Jay Leno to understand that. Domenica's
relatives are bizarre, they're health food nuts and and
there's no junk food ::tear:: can't wait to go home and pig
out....better remember that, this is the only time you'll
hear me say that I want to go home. lol oh well, gotta go,
everyone's goin upstairs. Bye or whatever....