my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-01-02 05:04:26 (UTC)

heyhey its now 2004 *whoo freakin hoo*

yea thats my lovely title. i don't really get all hyped up
its so unnessicary. been through 17 new years tahts
enough. i do like poppers tho *hehe* i have like 3 in my
purse. i just got (well not just but yesterday) from ga. we
(Garrett, Robin girls, Carrol, Christ Johnathan, Rachel
B and I) went down there for a retreat("get a grip"). It
was great, made me realize ive lost my passion(i wouldn't
have worded it like that untill garrett did.). i can so
quote garrett right now. i've had a history with God, and
he's got me through tough times, but i lost the passion,
and i defintly need it back. so... thats my main new years
goal. here r the ones ive thought up.

1. get back the passion.
2. read teh entire bible.
3. read the bible every day
4. eat healthy.
5. exercise more.
6. lose fat gain muscle (i wanna be a beast. or as close
as i can be.)
7. be nicer!
9. Be more respectful.
10. stop talking in class!
11. clean my room adn keep it clean
12. practice piano WAY MORE
13. get my piano pieces ready for dad's wedding.

and thats them. i just hope i can keep them ya know?
*sigh* its so hard. but those r my goals. ASK ME ABOUT
THEM and keep me straight!! ok?!?! thanxxxxxxxx

Love ya bunches~~~~~~~


p.s. steph got me this adorable hot pink shirt w/ black
stripes. and its sleevless(it looks punk.) and its got a
random zipper right below the right shoulder, and chris
todl me i looked very punk. hehe. i love that.

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