champagne supernova
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2004-01-02 04:52:27 (UTC)


what was i thinking ? i have never been so weak minded
before. my last entry (which i erased) was not me. i was
over thinking so many differnt things at the same time. and
after talking to bobby about alot of things that were
bothering me i relized how stupid i was acting. i was in
the mind frame to throw out the most important thing in my
life. *smacks herself* i really do have alot to think over
though. it dosnt have anything to do with bobby. its just
college stress and money, life, and learning how to balance
shit. i freaked and blew everything out of proportion. eh,
yea i flipped. and what a time to do so. but im human so
there. im normal.hehe. and i overthought so many things
having to do with mine and bobbys relationship. i thought
to hard about it, and if you know me, then you know that,
well, thats not me. i know i love him. ive always know
that. augh being caught in that web of teenaged bullshit.
it sucks.but its all good now! i smacked myself out of it,
and thought what i needed to think to get my mind right.
ok, i also had a huge talk with bobby to figure out that i
freak out to much about stuff sometimes.

i cant know everything i want to know about whats
going to happen in my life. im a very laid back, kinda go
with the flow person, but i like to know what is gonna
happen when it comes to my life, and my future. if i have
something to get done i want to get it done, and get it out
of the way and move on to the next hurdle to get the big
picture done. and thats what i was trying to do with our
relationship, cause neither of us know what is going to
happen for sure, where we'll end up living, where we're
going to college, when we'll finally live together, etc.-
eh but its all said and dont now. and i just gotta take it
one day at a time and keep being me while doin just what i